Published online 2022 Mar 26.

This Is What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test

PMID: 3011276 DOI: 10.1s1270072

What exactly will happen to you if you fail your drug test?

Millions of American people take drug tests every month. Usually, these are just formalities since the vast majority of individuals pass the test without any problems.

However, what about avid smokers who consume marijuana on a regular basis?

On this page, you will learn everything about the possible outcomes of a failed drug test.

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Drug screening is often used by employers as a preventive measure to improve workplace safety. Thanks to it, they determine if a jobseeker abuses prescription medication or uses any drugs.

Obviously, an employer cannot force you to do it against your will. The job applicant can always refuse to take a drug test. As you might have guessed, the chances of getting a position, in this case, are close to zero.

According to US laws, employers in every state are allowed to make applicants take drug tests. If the potential employee refuses to pass the test or fails it, an employer may refuse to hire them on that basis.

A failed pre-employment drug test will usually result in the employer declining to hire a jobseeker. Applicants will not experience any other consequences since companies cannot share the results of a drug test with third parties.

In other words, you will never lose your driver’s license or go to jail because of a failed pre-employment drug test.

Post-employment Drug Testing

When your current employer requires you to take a drug test, the consequences depend on such factors as company policy and state laws. Besides the results of the test itself, of course.

In some states, you cannot be fired for failing a drug test required by an employer. However, you would need to complete a rehabilitation program. You will lose your job if fail the test again, though.

Additionally, random tests are prohibited in some states. Your employer can only make you pass a drug test when there is probable cause for suspicion of drug abuse or as part of an employee assistance program.

Unfortunately, in most states, employers are allowed to fire employees who failed the drug test. Some companies have strict policies and terminate the employee right after the first drug test, while others may allow for additional testing before taking action.

Therefore, you need to read your company’s policies to find out the consequences you will face after a failed drug test.

Military Drug Testing

People who want to join the military require to pass a drug test. Applicants who tested positive are allowed to reapply and take the test again not less than 90 days later.

Those who failed the drug test twice will never be able to join the armed forces of the United States.

As for active-duty service members, they have to take drug tests every year. Members of the reserves forces are tested every two years.

Active duty military individuals who fail the test may receive an other-than-honorable discharge or even be court-martialed. The exact consequences depend on many factors such as the service record, rank, service, and the type of the drug.

Saving a military career after a failed drug test is hard, but possible. You will need to get a good military law attorney and a lot of luck. With the right legal guidance, any military member has a chance to overcome a positive drug test and continue their service.

Probation Drug Testing

Those who have to pass drug tests because of their probation conditions might face serious consequences. The exact outcomes depend on the original sentence, the number of failed tests, and other aspects.

If you fail a drug test on probation, your parole officer will send a report of a violation to the authorities. You will need to attend the court hearing to find out whether your probation is altered or revoked.

How To Make Sure You Will Pass A Drug Test

If you have to pass a drug test the first thing you need to remember about is to stay calm. Do not get overly nervous — it will not help you to resolve the situation.

Instead, act smart. Stop smoking weed as soon as you find out about the upcoming drug test. Additionally, use detox products to flush cannabis metabolites out of your system.

There are many detox solutions that will help you pass a THC drug test. I recommend you this detox kit from Green Fleets. This product has already helped me to pass drug tests multiple times. Obviously, it will not solely make you pass the test, but will definitely increase your chances of passing.