2023 Showcase Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of Annual JETTCON Showcase Awards.

Access & Accessibility


Illinois Department of Employment Security
401 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 793-8967
Fax (312) 793-0479

IllinoisSkillsMatch.com was designed and implemented as a system that focuses on the abilities of the job seeker versus his/her disabilities. This is the core concept of the system which provides access to employment opportunities regardless of physical, mental, or economic characteristics. The system is completely objective and ensures that job seekers with particular skills are matched with employers seeking those skills. This includes those under resourced job seekers who have limited access to current technology, or who rely on older versions of browsers and operating systems. The ISM is a 24 hour/day, 7-days/week system which provides self-service capabilities for job seekers and employers but also provides for staff assistance and fully mediated assistance as well.

Project ACCESS

WorkSource for Dallas County
1201 Main Street
Suite 2700
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 290-1025
Fax (214) 754-1110

Project ACCESS is an online, interactive network, expressly designed for and with the cooperation of welfare client customers. It is an innovative approach to providing volumes of training, services and information to customers in the privacy of their own homes. High-speed computers donated by local employers are installed and connected to the Internet in homes throughout Dallas County to enable families to join the technological revolution while they are participating in various activities as achievers. In addition to home computers, the project also helps place participants in good jobs with local technology companies and offers post-employment services for participants to keep and get better jobs.


North Valley Workforce Board (NOVA)
505 W. Olive Avenue
Suite 550
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 552-1033
Fax (408) 773-9054

LMI+ is NOVA’s proactive approach in utilizing standard research methods to capture the stories behind the statistics, and then translating that information into targeted training programs that place qualified people in the areas most in demand. The findings of LMI+’s investigative team have led directly to the creation of several web-based training and job-matching programs in selected fields. In cooperation with workers, educators, and business LMI+ powered Skillsnet.com, an interactive internet-based industry job bank and training guide for the digital entertainment and multimedia industries; STEP, a Systems Administrator training program and a Hospitality training program, providing entry-level access to the exploding hospitality field; and Career Ladders, which provides the information and scope needed for advancement in high demand fields, so that jobs lead to careers and self-sufficiency.

Programs & Policies

The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST)

Texas Workforce Commission
12312 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin, Texas 78758
(512) 339-6863 x201
Fax (512) 339-0320

TWIST has allowed local workforce development boards to have fully automated reporting on performance measures and other management information on every program administered by local workforce boards including WIA, WtW, TANF, and Food Stamps. TWIST reports have become the basis for the state’s reporting system on both state and local performance. The system allows case managers to access the complete universe of program services that have been provided to a particular client through a single system. This allows case managers to provide services from a particular program that are appropriate for a client in the context of the entire universe of services the one-stop offers. TWIST is a powerful tool for one-stop managers who can now offer employers and job seekers integrated and coordinated services.

Yonkers Employment Center

Yonkers Private Industry Council
20 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 964-0105
Fax (914) 964-5403

The Yonkers Employment Center is part of a comprehensive one stop system that prevents duplication of services to job seekers as well as the business community. The Center utilizes a Swipe Card System, which allows staff to identify services rendered to a customer and enables them to ascertain further services needed for a customer to obtain employment. As customers enter the center, they are issued an I.D. card, which is then scanned into a machine identifying the various services including workshops, use of the library, the resource room, one-on-one counseling, training, and referrals to other agencies. This system allows the tracking of activities for continuous improvement within the system and is a time management tool for the staff while providing a seamless flow in the center.


Northern Indiana Workforce Investment Board
Gateway Center
Suite 400
South Bend, IN 46601
(219) 239-2380

Connextions is a self-contained and sophisticated piece of secure infrastructure with intelligent routing and authentic software that supports existing online providers and enables them to conduct valid transactions with citizens. This interactive digital technology network helps develop, support and better prepare the region’s existing workforce, the future labor force and those re-entering employment, and efficiently deliver human services in the four county area. Connextions utilizes four distinct, interactive web-based tools that are available via the Internet. The tools provide an accessible system to coordinate regional information sharing, decision-making and delivery of relevant services in order to provide access to lifelong development by linking education, employment training, and human services through custom-focused web-based technologies.


One-Stop Process Improvement Project

New Jersey Department of Labor
P.O. Box 055
Trenton, NJ 08625-0055
(609) 292-2000
Fax (609) 777-0483

The New Jersey Department of Labor’s vision for the future is to revolutionize the way the agency delivers services through the innovative use of technology. The agency has engaged in the redesign of the business processes of NJ One-Stop Workforce System in order to effectively integrate technology-based tools. With the help of a core team of NJ One-Stop Workforce System professionals, the agency engaged in a mapping of the current business procedures, developed an ideal scenario, and then derived the “can be” vision. This in turn led to the development of recommendations that could be accomplished with no or low-cost changes and can attain optimum levels of technology-driven customer service. This project can be adopted and retrofitted for use in every workforce delivery system throughout the nation.

Mobile Training Unit

Foothill Workforce Investment Board
1207 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 584-8393
Fax (626) 304-7902

The Foothill Workforce Investment Board Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is a 37 foot modified recreation vehicle, which has been converted into a mobile training and employment center. The purpose of the MTU is to provide employment and training services and other community resources/support services on a mobile basis to communities that have a high unemployment rate and where transportation to the local One-Stop Career Center is a barrier. The unit’s interior has 10 high tech computer workstations featuring community resource information, self-directed job search software, web-based learning, occupation skills testing, computer software learning and tutorial programs, and is equipped with satellite for Internet connection. Employers may also benefit from the unit as it can be utilized for employee recruitment, job fairs, employer interviews, as well as future skills testing and upgrade training.

America’s Job Link Alliance

Kansas Department of Human Resources
401 S.W. Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 296-5075 Fax (785) 296-1719

The America’s Job Link Alliance software is designed to improve the user experience for internal and external customers alike, including job seekers, employers, state/local staff and WIBs, partners and training providers. The Alliance is an innovative approach to systems building that is redefining how states resolve their systems building needs. It is an alliance of state workforce agencies created to maximize their return on investments in information systems and to help them achieve the highest level of success in the workforce development strategies and business practices that surround the design, implementation, operation, management and improvement of those systems. States share or jointly develop a core set of modules and features and adapt and improve them to meet their individual needs; in turn sharing those improvements with other members for their consideration.