Published online 2023 May 22.

Stay Prepared: How to Keep Urine Warm for Drug Testing

PMID: 3014356 DOI: 10.1s4350072

When it comes to using synthetic urine or someone else’s urine to pass a drug test, an unexpected challenge often arises. It’s not so much about the specific composition of the urine – it’s the temperature.

As I’ve discovered in my research, an incorrect urine temperature can lead to a failed drug test. This could cost someone their dream job, a promotion, or even result in legal trouble.

Fortunately, this issue isn’t unsolvable. By arming ourselves with the right knowledge and tools, we can accurately warm synthetic urine and maintain its temperature long enough for a successful drug test.

The Ideal Temperature for a Drug Test

In my interactions with LabCorp, a leading company in drug testing, I learned that the acceptable temperature range for a urine sample is 97-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, the sample should be submitted within 2-4 minutes post-urination.

During these few minutes, urine naturally cools down. As such, most testing centers consider a temperature range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit acceptable.

But here’s the catch: experienced collectors can tell if the temperature isn’t right. They know urine won’t cool down to 90-92 F degrees within such a short time.

That’s why I recommend aiming to submit a sample that’s between 96-98 F to be safe.

What Happens if the Urine Temperature Is Off

If the urine sample you provide is too cold or too hot, the collector has the right to ask for a second specimen. And this time, it’s under direct observation – yes, someone will be watching you.

If you refuse, your refusal becomes the test result. This result isn’t kept confidential. Instead, it’s reported to the medical review officer and your employer.

From my research, I’ve found that most, if not all, employers consider a refusal even worse than a positive test result. It’s often an ‘insta-fire’ offense.

In most cases, collectors interpret a urine sample that’s below body temperature as a sign of cheating, adding another level of risk to the mix.

Reliable Ways to Warm Urine for a Drug Test

Through my research and interviews with experts, I’ve found that the most dependable and convenient way to warm urine for a drug test is through the use of heat activator powder.

heat activator powder

This substance can bring urine to an acceptable temperature within seconds, and it allows for great control over the temperature. It’s usually included with high-quality synthetic urine kits.

But of course, the powder is not the only method, and it’s important to have options. First, you will need a container for the urine.

This might be a pill bottle or a condom, but I would recommend using special urine bottles equipped with temperature strips.

These bottles allow for convenient temperature control without the need for additional thermometers. Once you’ve secured your clean urine in a suitable container, you have several options to keep it warm.

Between Your Legs

This method involves placing the bottle in your pants, right between your legs. Tight pants are preferable because they help keep the bottle close to your body, which is essential for maintaining warmth.

Make sure you wear a dress or loose pants so that no one can notice the bottle. If you’re not using a bottle equipped with a temperature strip, you should consider hiding a digital thermometer in your clothes.

In Your Bra

This method is similar to the previous one but with a different location. The bottle is placed in your bra, close to your body. However, this method can be a bit tricky as the bottle is more noticeable in a bra, and you may need to secure it with adhesive tape to prevent it from falling out.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a popular option for maintaining the temperature of synthetic urine. Although they’re generally reliable, failures can occur, so it’s good to have a backup.

heat pad

You need to activate the hand warmer according to its instructions and then tuck it securely into your underwear.

This method serves a dual purpose: it keeps the urine warm and helps hide the container. Upon arrival at the testing center, make sure to check the urine’s temperature. If it has cooled, use a second hand warmer to bring the temperature back up.

Heat Activator Powder

As mentioned earlier, heat activator powder is a highly convenient method. It’s used just before submitting the urine sample. Add approximately 1/3 of the heat activator to the urine container and shake gently until it’s completely dissolved.

This process usually takes less than 20 seconds. Once the granules have fully dissolved, check the temperature strip to ensure that the urine is within the required temperature range of 94°F to 100°F.

Warming Up Refrigerated or Room-Temperature Urine

If you’re dealing with refrigerated or room-temperature urine, warming it to body temperature with just hand warmers or body heat could take more than an hour.

In this case, a microwave can be a helpful tool. After microwaving the urine for about 10 seconds, shake the container gently and check the temperature strip. If there’s no reading, microwave it again for another 10 seconds.

Heating Synthetic Urine without a Microwave

If you don’t have access to a microwave, you can heat the urine in a water bath on the stove, submerge it in hot water, use a heating pad, or keep it close to your body. The last method is the slowest, often requiring at least an hour to reach body temperature.

Upon arrival at the testing center, check the urine’s temperature one last time. If it has cooled, use a secondary heat source to bring the temperature back up.

Checking Urine Temperature

There are several ways to check the temperature of urine. A waterproof digital thermometer is a viable option, but temperature strips are often more convenient, especially when attached directly to the bottle.

synthetic urine temperature strip

It’s important to ensure that the strips can measure temperatures above 90°F, as many have a maximum of 90°F. The best synthetic urine kits come with a temperature strip already attached to the bottle, making temperature monitoring straightforward.

The Risks of Borrowing Urine

I can’t stress this enough: using someone else’s urine for a drug test is not a good idea. It’s a risk I would never recommend taking.

You simply can’t be sure of what substances the other person may have consumed.

They might think they’re clean, but if they smoked cannabis even a few weeks ago, the metabolites could linger in their body.

Furthermore, human urine spoils quickly. Even if refrigerated, spoilage can be detected during a drug test.

Spoiled urine changes color and smells, which would alert the collector to potential tampering. The collector would then likely request a drug test under direct observation. Therefore, the risks and potential consequences far outweigh the benefits. The safer and more reliable option is to use high-quality synthetic urine.

Sub Solution

Sub Solution is a top-rated synthetic urine kit, favored for its balance between cost and product features. It retails at $90, and the package includes synthetic urine that contains at least 11 chemicals found in real human urine, making it quite identical.

The kit also comes with a heat activator powder that heats the urine to body temperature within seconds. A temperature strip is conveniently attached to the bottle for easy temperature monitoring.

The synthetic urine is toxin-free, undetectable, and effective, making it one of the most reliable options out there. The kit provides enough urine for two uses, and the powdered urine can be reheated or even frozen. It’s unisex, suitable for both males and females.

However, it does require a concealed spot on your body to hide the urine bottle, perhaps in your underwear, and also requires clean water and some preparation time.

Incognito Belt

incognito belt

Priced at $130, the Incognito Belt provides a premixed synthetic urine solution that is sufficient for two uses. It comes with two heat pads to maintain temperature, and a Velcro adjustable belt for discreetly hiding the urine around your waist.

An innovative feature of this kit is the rubber tube and convenient clip that allow for discreet urine delivery even under supervision.

This makes the Incognito Belt a great choice for supervised drug tests. The kit also comes with detailed instructions, making it user-friendly. It’s reliable, effective, and unisex.

The Urinator

The Urinator, despite being on the pricier side at $190, is a high-quality synthetic urine kit. This kit’s standout feature is a computerized digital controller that maintains the correct temperature, reducing the chances of errors significantly.

It also comes with high-quality urine that closely matches the chemical composition of natural urine.

The kit is a product of a reputable company, which gives users an added level of trust in its effectiveness. However, given its high price point, it may not be the first choice for everyone.

Let’s look at a couple of popular devices designed to help keep urine warm and concealed for a drug test.

Get Urinator

Stash Leg Belt

At $30, the stash leg belt is a versatile and affordable option. It’s designed to fit most standard size synthetic urine bottles snugly.

Crafted from high-quality Neoprene material, it comfortably fits most thigh sizes and can be worn for extended periods. In addition to concealing, this belt assists in maintaining the urine’s warmth for a longer duration, making it a practical choice for those needing to keep a sample at body temperature.

Get Leg Belt

Stash Boxers

Another interesting and slightly pricier ($35) option is the stash boxers. These comfortable underwear are designed with a dedicated, easily accessible front pocket.

There are no bothersome buttons or zippers to deal with, and the pocket is spacious enough to accommodate most standard synthetic urine bottles. Moreover, they provide a stealthy and undetectable way to carry the sample, adding to their utility.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to keeping urine warm for a drug test, the most reliable method I’ve found is using heat activator powder.

I would particularly recommend the Sub Solution kit, which conveniently includes this powder. For a more discreet option, the Incognito Belt with heat pads could be an excellent choice.

Remember, these tools and methods should only be used responsibly and ethically.