NASWA IT Committee

As a new feature this year, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies Information Technology Committee has incorporated their annual conference into JETTCON and is sponsoring ten workshops. These workshops focus on the role of technology in workforce systems and impact of the IT industry on workforce development.

Monday, July 16

1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

From Concept to Reality: Transforming IT Education in Wisconsin
Speakers: Marilyn Pierce, WI Dept. of Administration, Madison, WI; Susan Puntillo, WI Dept. of Administration, Madison, WI
The WI Dept. of Administration is working with state agencies to develop and administer a portfolio of information technology-related educational programs. The DOA will be conducting an executive and employee IT training program modeled on best practices in both public and private sector training. The training and development program is designed to help public employees understand the inter-relationships of information, technology, administrative systems and management processes. The education and development programs focus on the following state employee categories: Executive Management, IT Technical Staff, Program Managers, and IT Professionals with management aspirations. Sponsored by NASWA.

Internet Security in the Workforce Development System: What to do when Things go Wrong…
Speakers: Paul Bankes, USDOL / ETA, Washington, DC; Steve Miksell, Information Tech. Support Center, Baltimore, MD; Jane Powanda, Information Tech. Support Center, Baltimore, MD 
As state workforce agency applications move to the Internet, numerous problems related to security can impact operations. These problems include the defacing of web pages, denial of service attacks, email worms and viruses and the compromise of sensitive client/claimant data. This workshop will explore the most common things that can go wrong. Potential problems will be identified, appropriate risk mitigation strategies will be outlined and recovery processes to deal with the real world will be discussed. Attendees at the workshop will be encouraged to share their experiences, and contribute solutions that have proven themselves in the field. Sponsored by ITSC and NASWA.

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

It’s a Cool Website, but Why don’t they Like It?
Speakers: Mike Casey, UT Dept. Workforce Services, Salt Lake City, UT; Laura Larimer, IN Dept. of Workforce Develop., Indianapolis, IN; Beth Martin, IN Dept. of Workforce Develop., Indianapolis, IN
The purpose of the workshop is to examine and discuss common mistakes made in the design and production of websites. The workshop will discuss how to get your website to become customer service-driven as opposed to agency-driven and will focus on issues such as: the tendency to overuse or rely on “cool features” and its effect on usefulness to customers; poorly designed navigational schemes that seriously undercut website utilization; and inconsistent use of color, typography, and graphics which affect readability but also impact perception. Sponsored by NASWA.

Tuesday, July 17

8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Unemployment Insurance & the One-Stop System – Where is the fit?
Speakers: Scott Badger, IN Dept. of Workforce Develop., Indianapolis, IN; Deb Barrick, IN Dept. of Workforce Develop., Indianapolis, IN; Judy Haag, WI Dept. of Workforce Develop., Madison, WI; Ruthie Packenham, NC Employ. Security Commission, Raleigh, NC
This workshop seeks to address the emerging and multifaceted relationships between the Unemployment Insurance program and broader workforce development system. You will learn how reemployment initiatives for unemployed workers have been implemented through an innovative program in North Carolina, listen to Wisconsin’s experience in their Telephone and Internet Initial Claims systems, and hear about Indiana’s growing client server and web enabled application that assists employers and all Hoosiers in gaining employment, training and unemployment insurance services. Sponsored by NASWA.

Web-Enabling Your Legacy System
Speakers: Mark Cleaverley, IBM; Lyle Haumesser, AZ Dept. of Economic Security, Phoenix, AZ
In most states, the “heart” of the publicly funded workforce system’s infrastructure is based on the Legacy system. The move toward increased e-Gov services will require states and locals to evaluate these systems and make the necessary adjustments to achieve success. Join this workshop to learn the latest information on cutting edge software tools and technologies that can assist organizations in web-enabling their Legacy systems. Sponsored by NASWA.

10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon

Effectively Using Training Alternatives for IT Professionals
Speakers: Thomas Bynum, WA Employ. Security Dept., Olympia, WA; Ron Reichert, SmartForce, Madison, WI; Pamela Schrandt, SmartForce, Madison, WI
e-Learning has promised to change the landscape of learning. By attending this presentation you will learn what e-Learning is and is not, understand the evolving e-Learning marketplace, and explore what it takes to implement a world-class e-Learning program that delivers on your metrics and mission. A practical example on how e-Learning can be used for Information Technology staff will be presented by the State of Washington which has used e-Learning to train their technical staff. Sponsored by NASWA.

Ensuring Accessibility to the Disabled: The Impact on Your IT Systems
Speakers: John Avilla, Bartimaeus Group, McLean, VA; Curtis Chong, Nat. Federation for the Blind, Baltimore, MD; Mark Reumann, Bartimaeus Group, McLean, VA
The passage of WIA, Section 508, and the promulgation of rules implementing this law, has prompted the federal government to ramp up its efforts in ensuring that procured information technology is accessible to people with disabilities. This session addresses the implications of Section 508 as they relate to federal websites and how such implications impact state IT efforts to offer additional services to the public via the Web. The workshop will also delve into questions surrounding the use of electronic and information technology by people with disabilities and what all governmental agencies can do to ensure that, for the long term, the technology they use is as accessible as it can be to everyone. Sponsored by NFB and NASWA.

1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

A Practical Guide to e-Government Services for Workforce Development Systems
Speakers: Maryann Baykal, NJ Dept. of Labor, Trenton, NJ; Thomas Bynum, WA Employ. Security Dept., Olympia, WA; Thomas DeGarmo, KPMG Consulting, Washington, DC; Jearl Reagan, MO Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations, Jefferson City, MO
The realities of the e-Government era have reached and penetrated the publicly funded workforce development system! Come listen to a panel of experts who have implemented or are in the process of implementing a specific e-Gov initiative. Each panelist will briefly present their agency’s e-initiative and examine particular business reengineering processes and issues that needed to be resolved in order to achieve successful implementation. The workshop will include opening comments, panel presentations, and discussion. Sponsored by NASWA.

Call Center Capacity Planning
Speakers: Judy Haag, WI Dept. of Workforce Develop., Madison, WI; Tim Meier, Information Tech. Support Center, Baltimore, MD; Tom Wendel, MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Baltimore, MD

The panel session will outline the status of UI Call Centers across the country. This includes discussing where the states are in their migration to UI Call Centers, and making a comparison between the move toward telephone or internet claims approach. The workshop will also discuss potential future impact on the call centers, such as capacity planning for a potential slow-down in the economy and trends in call center technology. Each state speaker will be given the opportunity to present their state’s specific UI call center status. This will include highlighting any major issues the center is facing, in addition to discussion specific activities the call center is focusing on the areas of capacity planning and technology upgrades. Questions and answers will follow. Sponsored by ITSC and NASWA.

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Imaging Technologies: How, When, & Where
Speakers: Scott Boyle, UT Dept. of Workforce Services, Salt Lake City, UT; Reza Hosseini, Avacom; Dave Hughes, IBM
Learn how imaging technologies has improved processing in the State of Utah, Department of Workforce Services and has subsequently improved customer service. See how imaging can reduce time in processing work and access to files and improve the workflow. Hear how Utah plans to link the imaged files to their legacy system. Sponsored by NASWA.