Published online 2023 May 24.

Quick Luck Reviewed by Drug Testing Expert Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

PMID: 3014936 DOI: 10.1s4930072

Edward Devries: Good day, everyone. In this session, we will delve into an intriguing product called Quick Luck Synthetic Urine. This product has sparked a great deal of discussion due to its potential implications for drug testing.

To guide us through this perplexing terrain, we have Dr. Jeffrey Wilson with us today. Dr. Wilson holds a Ph.D. in Toxicology and has spent a considerable portion of his career developing and advising on workplace drug policies.

Dr. Wilson’s Background and Qualifications

Edward Devries: Dr. Wilson, could you start by telling us a little about your background, particularly in the context of drug testing labs?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Certainly, Edward. I started my career at the National Institute of Health, where I contributed to several key studies on drug use and its effects on job performance. This led to my work at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, where I was involved in creating effective drug policies.

My expertise isn’t limited to policy creation, though; I’ve developed numerous drug testing methods and protocols, making me a trusted advisor for many organizations dealing with drug-related issues in the workplace. I believe these experiences will allow me to provide an unbiased review of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine.

Purpose of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

clear choice quick luck synthetic urine

Edward Devries: It seems like Quick Luck Synthetic Urine holds considerable appeal for certain individuals. Who, in your opinion, might find this product particularly useful?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Well, synthetic urine products like Quick Luck are predominantly used by individuals seeking to pass drug tests, especially those needing a quick, reliable solution. Individuals working in industries with strict drug policies and regular testing might see this as a potential ‘safety net’.

Edward Devries: How does it compare to Sub Solution, another product in the market?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Quick Luck Synthetic Urine has an advantage here because it’s premixed. Sub Solution, while effective, requires preparation time, which might not be available in every situation. The convenience factor gives Quick Luck a clear edge.

Pros of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Edward Devries: What would you say are the primary advantages of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The first and most crucial factor is the formula. Quick Luck’s superior formula is a culmination of more than 16 years of lab research, allowing it to pass various tests such as the visual inspection test, validity test, and of course, drug tests.

The premixed formula’s convenience cannot be overstated, offering immediate availability and providing enough urine for two uses. The urine bottle’s design is also praiseworthy, featuring a switch flow spout, leakproof quality, and a size that’s easy to hide.

The product also includes a heating powder that can warm the urine quickly, along with two heat pads that can maintain the temperature for up to 10 hours. A temperature strip attached to the bottle adds to the product’s practicality.

heat activator powder

Quick Luck’s undetectability and convenience, paired with detailed instructions, make it user-friendly. It’s designed to be unisex and boasts a shelf life of up to 2 years, which adds to its appeal.

Moreover, it can be frozen and reheated without any problems, providing versatility and long-term use.

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Downsides of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Edward Devries: Dr. Wilson, as we dissect this product, we must also consider its drawbacks. What would you say are the potential issues with Quick Luck Synthetic Urine?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Firstly, the cost of Quick Luck Synthetic Urine could be a limiting factor for some. The superior quality comes with a price tag that might be higher than other options in the market. There’s also the occasional issue with the heat pads. They can sometimes fail or take additional time to heat the urine.

Interestingly, the heating powder in the kit performs the same function as the heat pads, so one could argue that the pads are redundant and eliminating them might lead to a cost reduction.

Another minor issue is the strong seal on the bottle. It can create noise when opened, which may draw unwanted attention in a testing cabin. Therefore, I recommend users remove the seal before entering the testing facility.

Quick Luck vs. Sub Solution

sub solution vs quick luck

Edward Devries: How would you compare Quick Luck and Sub Solution?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Quick Luck, in my opinion, is the superior product. While it may be slightly more complex to use than Sub Solution, both are identical in passing all visual, validity, and drug tests. Quick Luck’s premixed formula means users don’t have to find filtered water to mix with the powder, a significant advantage in unexpected testing situations.

Quick Luck is ideal for on-the-spot drug testing, especially when short notice is given. However, both Quick Luck and Sub Solution are high-quality products from Clear Choice and are unrivaled in the fake urine marketplace. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix

Edward Devries: And how would Quick Luck fare against Quick Fix, a budget brand in the market?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Quick Fix is indeed a more budget-friendly product. When comparing price and quantity, it’s clear that Quick Luck is positioned as a premium product. Quick Fix has a basic formula that includes urea and uric acid, an accurate creatinine proportion, balanced pH and specific gravity, and visually resembles actual urine.

However, under close physical or chemical scrutiny, Quick Fix might not prove as reliable as Quick Luck. Nevertheless, it can be a good choice if no other option is available or if a local purchase is necessary. Quick Fix uses a heat pad for warming the urine, which may require an hour or a microwave to reach the desired temperature. Heat pad failures are not uncommon, so that’s something to be mindful of.

In summary, if budget is not a concern, Quick Luck would be my recommendation due to its advanced formulation and reliability.


Edward Devries: As we wrap up, Dr. Wilson, could you summarize your thoughts on Quick Luck Synthetic Urine?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Sure. Quick Luck Synthetic Urine, with its advanced formula, ease of use, and reliability, stands as a superior choice among synthetic urine products. Its features, such as the premixed formula, heating powder, and practical bottle design, offer distinct advantages. While there are minor drawbacks such as the cost and the potential noise from opening the bottle seal, these are outweighed by its overall effectiveness.

Edward Devries: Thank you for your invaluable insights, Dr. Wilson. Your deep understanding of these products certainly shed light on their respective merits and potential issues, providing our listeners with an informed basis for their choices.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: It was my pleasure, Edward. I’m glad to have had this opportunity to share my knowledge on this topic.

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