Published online 2023 Mar 17.

How to Pass a Drug Test With Certo and Gatorade. Step by Step Instructions

PMID: 3013566 DOI: 10.1s3560072

We’ll give you step-by-step instructions and then tell you how this method works.

Step by step instructions

You Need:

  • Two sachets of Certo
  • 2.5 liters of Gatorade or another electrolyte drink. You can even use electrolyte powder and mix it with water.
  • Vitamin B. You can use B2 or B12 vitamins. The dosage depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What to do

  • Mix one sachet of Certo in 0.5l of Gatorade drink and drink it before bedtime.
  • Take vitamin B at least three hours before the drug test.
  • Consume 0.6-0.8l of Gatorade solution every hour for at least three hours before the test.
  • One to two hours before the test, mix another sachet of Certo with Gatorade and drink it.
  • Perform a home urine test before actually going to the test center.

Important tips for success

Above is the method populated over the internet. But it is not very effective without the additional steps.
Your urine will be checked for creatinine levels also.

Following this method will make your urine diluted. The creatinine levels will decrease, and your sample will be rejected.

Here are the additional steps that will significantly increase your chances of passing.

  • Take 500mg aspirin four to six hours before the test.
  • Take 10 grams of creatine supplement at least three hours before the drug test.

Special instructions

Consume as much water as you comfortably can for at least two days before the drug test.

Add a packet of Certo to the water and drink it three times a day.

Certo might not be effective if used on the day of the test only since it will remove only a small amount of metabolites from your system.

Start using Certo at least one week before the drug test for the best results.

How does Certo help to pass a drug test?

To understand how Certo helps to remove THC from your system, you need to know how marijuana is metabolized.

How marijuana is metabolized

As you know, weed contains a highly psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that gets you high.

When you use marijuana, THC gets into the blood. Most of the THC is absorbed by body fat tissues.

From the tissues, it is slowly recirculated into the bloodstream again.

THC gets into the liver with the blood, where it is converted into several metabolites.

Then, THC metabolites move into the bladder and intestines and are excreted with the urine and feces.

But, a significant part of the metabolites from the intestines is reabsorbed back into the blood through the process called enterohepatic circulation.

These metabolites have a chance to end up in the urine or be absorbed by the body fat.

Because of this, natural detoxification from THC can take weeks.

How Certo helps to remove THC from your system

Certo is a brand producing fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a polysaccharide naturally found in sweet fruits, such as apples and peaches.

These polysaccharides are rich in fiber, which is not digested by the body.

It passes relatively intact through the stomach, small intestine, and colon and is ultimately expelled from the system via feces.

Pectin works in the same way as activated charcoal. Since pectin is highly water-soluble, it works as a classic fiber by forming a gel and helps your body to absorb and expel toxins via feces.

Pectin absorbs bile containing THC in the intestines and prevents THC from being absorbed into the blood.

Then, pectin is removed through stool.

Consequently, the concentration of the THC metabolites in the blood and urine decreases.

Explanation of other ingredients used in the Certo detox method

The method works by temporarily flushing THC from your bladder and preventing new THC from getting there.

Certo helps prevent THC from the intestines from getting into the blood and the urine.

Using the method will make your urine “diluted,” and the lab technician will reject your sample.

So you need to restore its color and natural parameters.

Gatorade or any other electrolyte drink helps to keep the specific gravity of the urine within the normal range.

Creatine supplements will help to restore the creatinine levels of the urine.

Vitamin B will restore the yellow urine color.

Aspirin is known to cause false negatives on a urine drug test. So taking it will significantly increase your chances of passing.

Watch Out for These Common Mistakes

There is no guarantee that the Certo drug test detox method will definitely work. However, avoiding these common mistakes can help increase your chances of passing the test.

Leaving Things for the Last Minute: Certo takes about an hour to work. For best results, use two doses; one the night before the test and one about two hours before the test.

Drinking too Much Water: Drink as much as you comfortably can. Otherwise, you might throw up everything!

Omitting Electrolyte/Sports Drink: This is important to pass the tests examining other urine features.

Omitting Creatine: Urine contains creatine metabolites. If all creatine is flushed out and is not replaced, your urine sample will be rejected.

Drawbacks of the method

Many factors affect the effectiveness of this method. These include your age, weight and fitness, body type, metabolism, and, most importantly, marijuana usage pattern.

The main drawback of this method is that it requires at least one week of preparation before the test for the detox to be effective.

Moreover, some people believe that consuming large volumes of water can also help people get through drug tests, suggesting skipping Certo and saving money.

How a urine drug test is performed

A urine drug analysis (urinalysis) is a painless test that analyzes urine for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription medications.

It is a commonly used method that accurately detects marijuana in urine. The procedure is generally this :

  • You will leave all your belongings in another room and empty your pockets.
  • The person administering the test will give you a specimen cup.
  • In certain cases, a same-gendered nurse or technician might accompany you into the bathroom to ensure you follow all testing protocols.
  • However, they must explain the reason for this supervised testing.
  • Use a moist cloth (usually given by the technician) to clean your genitals.
  • Urinate into the cup; about 45 milliliters are required.
  • Once finished, place a lid on the cup and hand it over to the technician or nurse.
  • Before analysis, the temperature of the sample is measured to ensure it is within the expected range.
  • The lab then tests the concentration of drug metabolites in the urine. You will pass if the concentration is below 50ng/ml (for weed).
  • The lab technician will also analyze the urine’s color, specific gravity, and creatinine levels.


Certo can help you pass a urine drug test by removing the bulk of THC metabolites through the stool and decreasing their concentration in urine.

If you decide to use the Certo detox method, test it out first to make sure you get desired results!