Published online 2023 May 24.

Discussing Whizzinator Alternatives with Drug Test Expert Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

PMID: 3014746 DOI: 10.1s4740072

Edward Devries: Good day, readers, and welcome to this comprehensive discussion on alternatives to the Whizzinator, a device that has generated significant controversy and intrigue in recent years.

Edward Devries: Joining me today is Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, a distinguished toxicologist, and expert on workplace drug policies. Dr. Wilson holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University, where he focused on marijuana’s effects on human performance and cognition. His extensive research and policy work on drug-related issues in the workplace has garnered him substantial acclaim in the field.

Why choose Whizzinator alternative?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Thank you for having me, Edward. I feel it’s important to first address a common misconception. The need for a Whizzinator, or its alternative, is not as widespread as some might believe.

Edward Devries: That’s an interesting point, Dr. Wilson. Could you explain when and why someone might need a Whizzinator or its alternative?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Of course. In truth, the circumstances requiring direct observation tests – where devices like the Whizzinator might be used – are relatively limited. They’re generally implemented when there’s a substantial reason to suspect tampering or evasion, such as in probation or substance abuse treatment scenarios.

Edward Devries: Let’s now turn to a technological angle. We’ve seen significant advancements in lab urine testing methods. How has this impacted synthetic urine brands?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Indeed, synthetic urine has had to evolve rapidly to meet the new challenges posed by more sophisticated lab tests. As a result, the quality of synthetic urine has become paramount in ensuring a negative result in these tests.

Edward Devries: That insight sets the stage for our upcoming discussion on viable alternatives to the Whizzinator, ones that offer high-quality urine capable of passing these stringent lab checks.

What is Whizzinator

Edward Devries: Let’s go back a step, Dr. Wilson. For the benefit of our listeners, can you provide an in-depth explanation of what the Whizzinator is and its components?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Certainly. The Whizzinator Touch is composed of three main components: an ultra-secure belt, a pouch for synthetic urine, and a prosthetic device. The belt is designed for discreet use, the pouch stores the urine, and the prosthetic facilitates the release of the urine in a life-like manner.

Edward Devries: And how does the Whizzinator feature in real-world scenarios, such as probation or pre-employment drug tests?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Despite the manufacturer’s insistence that the Whizzinator isn’t intended for such use, many individuals turn to this device to pass drug tests by simulating the urination process with synthetic urine.

Edward Devries: Moving on to the crux of our discussion, what are the disadvantages of using the Whizzinator? This will help us delve into the need for alternatives.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: One significant drawback of the Whizzinator is the cost and questionable quality of the Golden Flask Synthetic Urine that it uses.

Edward Devries: What about the risks involved with using the Whizzinator, given the lack of reviews for its synthetic urine?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Yes, this is a legitimate concern. Without sufficient reviews, users risk exposure if the synthetic urine fails to meet the lab’s standards. Therefore, it might be worth considering more affordable and reliable alternatives to the Whizzinator.

Whizzinator alternatives

Edward Devries: Dr. Wilson, could you share with us some well-reviewed alternatives to the Whizzinator?

Edward Devries: Let’s start with the Incognito Belt. Could you introduce this alternative to our listeners?

incognito belt

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The Incognito Belt is a smart and effective alternative to the Whizzinator. It comes with high-quality premixed synthetic urine attached to a belt. It’s cost-effective, and a significant advantage is its unisex design, making it suitable for both males and females.

Edward Devries: How is the Incognito Belt worn discreetly, and how does it ensure that the synthetic urine remains at the right temperature?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The Incognito Belt is designed to be worn under your clothing, making it discreet. To maintain the urine’s temperature, the belt is worn close to the body, harnessing natural body heat. Moreover, it comes with detailed instructions, simplifying the process for users.

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Edward Devries: Let’s move on to another alternative, the Urinator. Could you tell us more about this?


Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The Urinator is quite advanced. It includes an electric urine warmer and comes with powdered urine kits. The temperature of the urine is digitally-controlled, ensuring it stays within the acceptable range. Plus, temperature test strips allow users to verify the urine’s temperature before submission.

Edward Devries: How would you rate the Urinator in terms of reliability and reusability? And how does its cost compare to the Whizzinator and the Incognito Belt?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The Urinator is a reliable and reusable device, which may justify its slightly higher cost compared to the Whizzinator and Incognito Belt. However, given its features, it offers excellent value for money.

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Edward Devries: Our next alternative is the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit. How would you evaluate this option, Dr. Wilson?

sub solution synthetic urine kit

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: The Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is another noteworthy product. It is known for its effectiveness and undetectability. One of its standout features is a special heating powder that allows the synthetic urine to heat up to body temperature within seconds.

Edward Devries: Are there any potential drawbacks to using the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: One thing to consider is that the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit requires clean water and preparation time. It comes in a powdered form that needs to be mixed with water prior to use, so it may not be the best option if you’re in a hurry.

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DIY Whizzinators

Edward Devries: Shifting gears a bit, Dr. Wilson, what’s your take on the feasibility of creating a homemade alternative to the Whizzinator?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: I strongly discourage creating DIY urine substitution devices. While the idea might seem appealing, the risk of failure is high. Synthetic urine is a complex mixture designed to mimic natural urine’s composition and characteristics. Creating such a concoction at home is impractical and unlikely to be successful. Furthermore, the cost of obtaining high-quality synthetic urine can be prohibitive for some.

Edward Devries: What about the risk associated with using someone else’s urine?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Using someone else’s urine introduces another layer of risk. There’s the obvious risk of the urine containing detectable drug metabolites, but also the risk of the urine sample not matching your own in terms of parameters like creatinine levels, pH, and specific gravity. This discrepancy can lead to a failed test or raise suspicions about the sample’s validity.

Edward Devries: If someone still chooses to proceed, can you guide us through the steps of creating a DIY urine substitution device?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: While I maintain my reservations, if one insists on proceeding, here’s a simple method. You’ll need a clean urine sample, a small balloon or condom, a safety pin or similar object to create an opening, and a way to secure the device to your body, such as elastic bands or adhesive tape.

First, fill the balloon or condom with clean urine and tie it off. Make sure the urine is at body temperature before you start the process. Next, secure the device to your body using your preferred method. Before the test, use the safety pin to create a small hole in the balloon or condom to release the urine when necessary.

Edward Devries: What potential risks or challenges might one encounter during this process?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: There are several risks involved. The device could rupture or leak, creating a mess and leaving you without a urine sample. Or the urine could cool down, raising a red flag at the testing lab. Plus, there’s always the risk of getting caught during the test, which could have severe consequences.


Edward Devries: As we conclude, could you summarize our discussion and share your final thoughts on this topic, Dr. Wilson?

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson: Absolutely. While it’s technically possible to create a DIY Whizzinator alternative, the risk of failure is substantial. The process is fraught with potential mishaps, and the probability of getting caught or producing a sample that fails lab scrutiny is high.

f you are looking for a reliable alternative to the Whizzinator, I would recommend using proven devices like the Incognito Belt or Sub Solution Synthetic Urine. These products offer high-quality synthetic urine and have features designed to help you pass a drug test more confidently and effectively.