Published online 2023 May 24.

The Urinator: Unbiased Review by Drug Testing Expert Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

PMID: 3014966 DOI: 10.1s4960072

Edward Devries (ED): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We have a fascinating discussion on the horizon today, centered on a novel and somewhat unconventional topic: synthetic urine and its relevance in the realm of drug testing. Synthetic urine, quite like its organic counterpart, has a myriad of uses, but today we’re homing in on its utility for drug tests.

ED: I’m thrilled to introduce our expert for today’s discourse, Dr. Jeffrey Wilson. A distinguished toxicologist, Dr. Wilson brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this conversation.

His groundbreaking work at Stanford University and Harvard University, and his contributions to the National Institute of Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have solidified his position as an authority on workplace drug policies and testing protocols. Dr. Wilson, we are honored to have you here today.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson (JW): Thank you for the warm introduction, Edward. It’s a pleasure to be here.


ED: Now, to kick off our discussion, would you give us an unbiased review of the Urinator?

JW: Absolutely, Edward. The Urinator is a unique tool with a very specific use-case. Its primary function, as a urine warmer, is executed impressively. It is the only product in its category capable of maintaining the temperature of synthetic urine for up to 10 hours, which is a critical factor in drug testing. However, like any other product, it isn’t without its shortcomings. The cost could be a barrier for some, and first-time users might find it a bit daunting.

Pros of Urinator

ED: Fascinating. Could you elaborate more on the unique features that the Urinator possesses?

JW: Sure, Edward. The Urinator’s most distinctive feature is undoubtedly its electric urine warming system. It’s the only one in the market that can sustain a synthetic urine sample’s temperature for up to 10 hours. It’s a pioneering feature, reflecting a serious commitment to creating a user-friendly and reliable product.

ED: In terms of reliability and reusability, how does the Urinator measure up?

JW: The Urinator does well on both fronts, Edward. It’s designed to be reusable, which offers good value for money considering its initial cost. It’s reliable, too. The consistency in performance, the durability of the product, and its ability to accurately mimic the temperature of human urine make it a reliable choice for anyone needing a urine warming solution.

ED: Dr. Wilson, could you help us understand why temperature plays such a critical role in urine drug tests?

JW: Certainly, Edward. When administering a urine drug test, the temperature of the sample is often the first thing that’s checked. Human urine, when fresh, typically has a temperature between 94°F and 100°F. If a urine sample doesn’t fall within this range, it can be a red flag for testers, leading them to suspect the sample is not fresh or is synthetic. So, the temperature is often a make-or-break factor in drug tests.

ED: That brings us to the convenience factor. Can you share how the Urinator aids in maintaining the correct urine temperature, thereby enhancing convenience for users?

JW: Absolutely. The Urinator excels in this aspect. It’s designed with a computerized digital controller and an accurate temperature sensor rod to regulate and maintain the temperature of synthetic urine. It enables users to present the sample at a believable body temperature, reducing the likelihood of raising suspicions during testing. This level of control and predictability enhances the convenience for users, particularly in high-stakes drug testing situations.

ED: Let’s dive deeper into the unique features and benefits of the Urinator. Could you walk us through them?

JW: The Urinator has several impressive features. First off, each unit comes with two real powdered urine kits, allowing for multiple uses. It’s easy to use, with a digital controller that maintains the correct temperature, which is crucial for successful testing. A stainless steel sensor rod ensures the temperature is regulated accurately.

Moreover, the Urinator includes a stealth belt for comfortable, discreet wearing. It’s a unisex device, making it usable for both males and females. All these features come at a price of $190, which, given its reusability and reliability, can be a worthy investment for those who need it.

Where to Buy

ED: That sounds comprehensive. Now, for those interested in purchasing a Urinator, where can they find it?

JW: The Urinator is exclusively available for purchase at TestClear’s website.

ED: And could you tell us a bit more about TestClear?

JW: TestClear is a pioneer in the field of drug testing solutions. They’ve been operating for over 23 years, offering a range of proven solutions to individuals looking to pass drug tests worldwide. Their commitment to delivering reliable products has earned them a trusted reputation in the industry.

ED: It seems quite easy to use, but I understand that practice makes perfect. What would you recommend to first-time users of the Urinator?

JW: That’s an excellent point, Edward. The Urinator is indeed straightforward to use, but I’d recommend users to practice with it at home before using it in a live testing situation. This allows you to get comfortable with the device, understand its functioning better, and avoid any mishaps during the actual test. Reading the manual thoroughly is also key.

Urinator VS Whizzinator

ED: Welcome Dr. Jeffrey Wilson. Can you tell us more about the Whizzinator and its functionality?

JW: The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine device, designed to help users pass drug tests. It includes a prosthetic, a 100% cotton elastic Belt with two comfortable leg straps, a vinyl medical grade pouch, four organic heating pads, and one synthetic urine kit.

ED: And how does this compare to the Urinator?

JW: The Urinator doesn’t include a prosthetic, and can thus be used by both males and females. It also uses an electric urine warmer instead of heating pads for more consistent temperature control. Additionally, it comes with synthetic urine for two uses, compared to the Whizzinator’s single synthetic urine vial.

ED: Can you share your opinion on these two products?

JW: Given its reliability and convenience, the Urinator is a better choice for those needing a way to pass a drug test, in my opinion.

ED: You’ve mentioned that you’ve come across discussions about these products on Reddit. Can you tell us more about that?

JW: Yes, users on Reddit have been discussing their experiences with both the Urinator and the Whizzinator. These conversations provide real-world insights into the effectiveness of both products.

ED: Can you share some experiences or opinions from Reddit users?

JW: There are varied experiences. Some users have passed multiple tests with the Urinator, while others have used the Whizzinator successfully for probation UAs. The critical factor seems to be maintaining the correct temperature for the synthetic urine.

ED: And your reflections on these discussions?

JW: The discussions underline the importance of reliability and temperature control in synthetic urine devices, and they support my professional assessment that the Urinator is an excellent choice for these reasons.

Urinator VS Incognito Belt

incognito belt

ED: Moving on to the Incognito Belt, can you tell us what it is?

JW: The Incognito Belt is a stealth belt that comes with pre-mixed synthetic urine. Like the Urinator, it can be placed discreetly on your waist.

ED: And how does this compare to the Urinator?

JW: The Urinator uses an electronic heating element which is more reliable than the heating pads used by the Incognito Belt. Also, the Urinator is reusable, meaning you can buy more synthetic urine and use it in the future. The Incognito Belt, on the other hand, requires you to buy a new belt after two uses.

ED: Do you have a recommendation between these two products?

JW: If you’re comfortable with heating pads, I would recommend the Incognito Belt as a reliable and less expensive option. However, if you’re looking for reliability and are willing to invest, the Urinator is a great choice.

How to Use

ED: Could you walk us through the process of using the Urinator?

JW: Of course. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, use the provided syringe and fill the bag with approximately 75 to 85 ml of warm water, if you’re practicing, or warm, clean urine if you’re doing a live test.
  • Next, you need to remove as much air from the bag as possible and then screw the cap back on the end of the tube. This is important because any excess air can interfere with the heating of the urine.
  • Attach the two 9-volt batteries, Duracell Brand specifically, fold the insulating fabric blanket shut, and secure the Velcro ends.
  • Lastly, you need to monitor the liquid crystal temperature indicator on the bag. Once it reads between 98 to 100°F, you’re ready to give your sample.
  • Remember, practice is key to ensure the process goes smoothly during a live test.


ED: In summary, what are your thoughts on the Urinator?

JW: The Urinator is an effective device for maintaining synthetic urine at the right temperature. It is a bit pricier than some alternatives, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

ED: And your final recommendation?

JW: If you’re comfortable with heating pads, the Incognito Belt could be an option. However, for those who value reliability and are willing to invest, I would recommend the Urinator.

ED: Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for sharing your expertise on this topic.

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